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Eurol Swift Clean Wipes 75st

Multipurpose, skin-friendly wipes

Eurol Swift Clean Wipes are multipurpose heavy duty cleaning wipes. These professional cleaning wipes are especially suitable for the cleaning of heavily polluted surfaces of production machines, excavators, tools, metalworking benches, engines, printers or copiers and many other applications, also in the food production. Even though the heavy duty cleaner used in the Eurol Swift Clean Wipes is very effective towards pollutants, it is still friendly for the skin. The “dual purpose wipe” has one side for scrubbing and one side for wiping, making it much more handy in use compared with conventional wipes. The sanitizing cleaner has been dermatologically tested and is completely safe for the skin.

Eurol Swift Clean Wipes are InS / NSF A1 and E2 certified.