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Eurol Grease PFP-1/102-S FD

Food grade PFPE / PTFE based lubrication grease

Eurol Grease PFP-1 / 102-S FD with SYNGIS Technology is a professional, synthetic lubricating grease based on PFPE and micronized PTFE developed for extreme situations in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Eurol Grease PFP-1 / 102-S FD is suitable for use as lubricant or sealant in bearings, autoclaves, curing ovens and bakery ovens, electrical contacts, steam valves, machine parts / gaskets in aggressive chemical environments, threads in refineries and chemical plants and lifetime lubrication.

Eurol Grease PFP-1 / 102-S FD is food grade InS H1 / NSF H1 certified, making it suitable for incidental food contact in, among others, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, food service and agriculture.