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Eurol Grease HY-2/102 FD HT

Food grade hybrid grease for high temperature applications

Eurol Grease HY-2/102 HT FD has especially been designed for the lubrication of heavily loaded high temperature bearings. It is a so-called fully synthetic hybrid lubricant of the newest generation and contains a high dose of Eurol Syngis Technology capable of withstanding high temperatures and providing excellent anti-corrosion and unique anti-wear protection. Eurol Grease HY-2/102 HT FD does not dry out and has excellent stability when used in bearing applications where a high production temperature and oil dripping occurs, such as in ovens, steel plants, chains, coating lines and ceramic production.

Eurol Grease HY-2/102 FD HT is food grade InS H1 / NSF H1 certified, making it suitable for incidental food contact in, among others, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, food service and agriculture.