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Eurol Grease CS-00/101-S FD

Food grade semi-fluid hybrid heavy duty gear box lubricant

Eurol Grease CS-00/101-S FD with SYNGIS Technology has been designed for the lubrication of heavily loaded gearboxes and transmissions. It is capable of withstanding high loads and providing excellent anti-corrosion and unique anti-wear protection. This extremely water resistant semi-fluid lubricant does not dry out and has excellent stability when used in gearbox applications in e.g. fishery, agriculture and production of food products and other areas where gearboxes or transmissions are operating in steamy, wet, muddy or dusty conditions. Eurol Grease CS-00/101-S FD is very useful for the lubrication of chains and cables.

Eurol Grease CS-00/101-S FD is food grade InS H1 / NSF H1 certified, making it suitable for incidental food contact in, among others, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, food service and agriculture.